Membership - Embodied Soulful Living

Hello Ladies !

I’m so excited to announce my brand new Online Membership Group for women is launching next month . . .
I have felt called for sometime to open an online membership group for soul led, like minded women who are passionate about creating positive change for themselves, their loved ones and for the greater good.

I am an advocate for sexual wellness and self pleasure education for women and girls, which I believe is key to unlocking a woman’s personal power, wisdom, authentic voice and raw potential!

Awakening a woman to the wisdom of her heart, womb and yoni ignites the healer, leader and wise woman within. This positively touches all aspects of her life and the lives of those she touches – transforming, supporting, facilitating and nurturing positive lasting change

The Sexual Wellness Revolution Membership group is for you if you want to . . . .
  • Reclaim your feminine body as your own. Be responsible for your own self pleasure and get to know what your body desires and deserves!
  • Nurture the needs of your inner child. Heal your heart and trust more in yourself and others.
  • Heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma
  • Raise your libido and harness your sexual energy to have increased healing capacity, passion and zest for life!
  • Empower yourself to step out of your comfort zone and embrace physical change with more ease and flow
  • Learn more about the anatomy of your feminine body so you can connect to yourself in a more loving way
  • Balance your masculine and feminine energies within yourself and within your relationships
  • Learn more about sacred sexuality, becoming conscious at a sexual and spiritual level.
  • Improve communication, intimacy and connection with yourself and your partner
  • Learn to master your own orgasmic power for manifestation and magic

What to Expect from your Monthly Membership

  • Card Readings/Healings
  • Embodiment Practices -Yoga/Qigong
  • Full Moon Releasing
  • Hot Seats/ Healing
  • Q & A’s
  • Sexual Wellness Tutorials
  • Yoni Eggs/Pleasure Wands
  • De-armouring
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Cervix Healing
  • Masterclasses/Guests
  • New Moon Rituals
  • Manifestation
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Balancing Masculine & Feminine Polarities
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Healy Group Healing
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