Mindset and Life Coaching

The first step to changing parts of your life that are no longer fulfilling you is acknowledging that you think and feel this way.
This is often a time when you may most RESIST taking action or getting the support you need to move forward in life. Most of this resistance can take place at a subconscious level, so you may be ‘trying’ or ‘pushing’ to make changes at a conscious level whilst self-sabotaging and procrastinating unconsciously. This makes the process of change, rehabilitation and true progress long and difficult.
The second step is to realise that you have a CHOICE to change the way you think and feel about anything that life serves you and the only real obstacle in your path is you!
When things aren’t going to plan, people often take comfort in sharing the burden with friends and family or find they attract in people who are in a similar situation to themselves.

Whilst this is wonderful and supportive in many ways, understanding that our external world is a direct reflection of our inner world reveals to us the importance of healing and releasing from this perspective. Sometimes it’s as simple as a reframe – changing the way you look at your problem. You may have heard the saying, “When you look at things differently the things you look at change”

When you change your inner world you change your outer perspective and experience.

The third step is a plan of inspired action. Intuiting from your inner guidance when and how you take the next steps necessary to achieve your desired outcome.
When you find yourself faced with unexpected life changes, good or bad, whichever way you perceive them to be, old stories and limiting beliefs can arise within you to remind you of past experiences where you may have been hurt. Everything in your world seems like a huge deal. Overwhelm sets in and even simple decision making can become a nightmare! You may even begin to question your sanity!

This can greatly affect your ability to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals, dreams and desires. You have one foot in and one foot out! Perhaps you’re ‘sitting on the fence’ watching from the sidelines as the world seems to pass you by, afraid to take that next step.

There’s one thing in life that we’re all certain about and that is that change is inevitable!

What if you were to look at change from a different perspective! What if I told you it’s not change that you fear the most BUT how you’re going to COPE in your new circumstances.

This can go two ways!

How you’re going to cope with negative or disempowering life experiences that you feel are out of your control?
Fear around stepping out into new positive empowering life experiences when things do work out for you! Often the latter can be just as overwhelming, bringing irrational fears up to the surface as you move out of the familiar and into the unknown. Fear of success can be just as big an obstacle as fear of failure!
Many people give up on their dreams and desires at this stage. If you realised the powerful impact accessing your subconscious mind has on your mindset, emotions and behaviour, then you’d understand that anything you desire in life is possible with subconscious healing and reprogramming, an inspired step by step plan of action and an authentic heart and soul calling!

Where there’s a will .. there’s always a way!

My mindset and life coaching session is for you …

  • If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to keep everything in balance and afloat!
  • You find yourself always putting the needs of others before yourself
  • You don’t have enough time or energy left at the end of each day to reflect on your current life situation so as to notice where change is required to create a new reality.
  • You do have time and energy, are aware changes have to be made but have no idea how or where to begin!
  • You know your life purpose and see a ‘bigger vision’ for yourself. You need empowered support and authentic accountability to create and implement a divinely inspired step by step plan of action to align you to your mission.
  • You want to learn ways to keep yourself inspired, motivated and purposeful as you move towards your goals and beyond!
  • Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled in your job, career, business, relationships … You have unfinished business from old relationships, old money stories or health issues and you know that they are spilling out into all other areas of your life!
  • Maybe you are self critical, have self worth issues and tell yourself stories of how all the ‘good stuff’ is for other people and not for you ..
This is where I can help by supporting you in gently releasing unwanted disempowering beliefs, negative repetitive patterns of behaviour and old emotional baggage from the past and replacing that space with a renewed energy and passion for life.

Give yourself permission to say yes to yourself today.

To live an embodied soulful life is the best gift you can give yourself, your loved ones and the collective whole.

My Mindset and Life Coaching sessions are also available as a VIP 6 session package.

Sessions take place online and in person on Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger and phone.