Sexual Wellness &
Relationship Coaching

During my years in energy healing and coaching, more and more clients were presenting with sexual dysfunction, birth trauma, sexual trauma, sexual abuse, troubled relationships and ill health. I seen a noticeable increase in breast cancer, cervical cancer, pelvic floor issues and hysterectomies. Trauma from terminations was rarely discussed. Men with prostrate issues, premature ejaculation, fertility issues and loss of libido..

These issues were greatly impacting their relationships and other areas of their lives. I decided to train as a sexual wellness and relationship coach, well woman yoga teacher and self pleasure practitioner to learn more so I could heal my own journey in sexual wellness and help my clients on their journey of reclaimation and re-discovery!

I heal, transform, support, facilitate and nurture positive lasting change in all areas of your life!

Sex is the most natural, fundamental basic need of the human – mind, body and soul. Sexuality is at the core of our very being. We wouldn’t exist without it! It’s energy promotes health and vitality. And yet, any information about this part of ourselves is usually relegated into the shadows of fear, shame, guilt or distortion.

Many of us were even raised to fear our own bodies! That sex was bad or dirty and if you enjoyed it at all then – a shameful, guilty pleasure! Most parents were too embarrassed, ashamed or uneducated to speak openly about proper sex education in the home.

Sex education in schools was in the dark ages and in all honesty as a mom to three young adults now , I’ve realised it hasn’t changed all that much. Religion played a key role (and still does for many) in keeping sex and spirituality separate. Sex before marriage was a sin! Homosexuality was a sin. Menstruation was seen as unclean, something to be hidden! Hiding developing breasts because they were too big, sexual, noticeable. If you had small breasts then that wasn’t too good either! You couldn’t win!

Some common Pain points
for women might be ..

Negative Body Image

Things you’ve heard, seen, were said to you, about you, or experienced with ex- lovers, current partners, parents, siblings, teachers, medical professionals etc in relation to your feminine body.

We as women have a lot of negative, disempowering programming embedded around what women’s bodies should look like based on very unrealistic ideals. We do however have a choice not to believe them.


Trauma is a huge factor in creating resistance to connecting with our womb, yoni and heart space. Trauma affects women on all different levels. What may be hugely distressing for one woman may be a minor upset for another. It all depends on your social and hereditary conditioning and the patterns you’re running as a result of these and your own negative disempowering experiences in life.

Difficult birth stories, miscarriage, abortion, hysterectomies, mastectomies

Pelvic examinations, birth control, cervical smears, mammograms, sexual assault, molestation, rape. Disempowering sexual experiences from too much alcohol, drugs, fear. Many sexual partners, maybe all for the wrong reasons – looking for validation from a partner when you needed love, acceptance and validation from yourself!

Sex with your partner

Saying yes to sex when your yoni is saying no!
(You don’t want it or feel like it but you do anyway!)

What message does that send to your body?

How does that help you trust the wisdom of your intuitive heart, mind, womb, Yoni ?

How is that helping with your mind mastery?

Are you always giving yourself to others, partners, children?

A Sexual Wellness & Relationship Coaching session is for you if you want to …

Reclaim your feminine body as your own. Be responsible for your own self pleasure and get to know what your body desires and deserves!

Nurture the needs of your inner child. Heal your heart and trust more in yourself and others.

Heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma

Raise your libido and harness your sexual energy to have increased healing capacity, passion and zest for life!

Empower yourself to step out of your comfort zone and embrace physical change with more ease and flow

Learn more about the anatomy of your feminine body so you can connect to yourself in a more loving way

Balance your masculine and feminine energies within yourself and within your relationships

Learn more about sacred sexuality, becoming conscious at a sexual and spiritual level.

Improve communication, intimacy and connection with yourself and your partner

Learn to master your own orgasmic power for manifestation and magic

Our Clients  Say!

I came into my session with Siobhan feeling that this was going to be a powerful and illuminating time with her. I wasn’t wrong, Siobhan has that lovely combination of gentleness and powerfulness. She moves you through the healing gently at the same time bringing clarity, information and whatever it’s appropriate for you to hear. This is very deep healing with love. It brought about big shifts for me as well as detailed information about the work that I’m going to be doing. Also and so importantly healing to my divine feminine which I’ve been carrying all my life. Siobhan I can’t thank you enough on my behalf but also I want to thank you for the work you are doing for the Divine Feminine, with love ❤️

Janet Haase

Sage Wisdom

Celebrate your sexuality and break free from limiting cultural stories and your own beliefs around sexuality that are keeping you stuck

Sessions facilitated by Siobhan take place in a safe,
relaxed, loving, supportive space.

Online and In-person

Siobhan is a change maker

An advocate for sexual wellness and self pleasure education for women and girls, which she believes is key to unlocking a woman’s personal power, wisdom, authentic voice and raw potential!

Awakening a woman to the wisdom of her heart, womb and yoni ignites the healer, leader and wise woman within. This positively touches all aspects of her life and the lives of those she touches – transforming, supporting, facilitating and nurturing positive lasting change!