Yoni Awakening
A Journey of Self Discovery

I’m so excited to welcome you to my online Yoni Egg empowerment programme for women. This online course is the first in a series of ‘Yoni Awakening’ programs I’ve created aimed at supporting women in opening up to their true divine sexual essence, feminine vitality and ancient wisdom. This beautiful online course is designed to be a self development package so you can enjoy the journey in the comfort of your own home, heal in your own time and at your own pace with no panic of trying to “keep up” or fears of “falling behind”. There is no such thing! Everything happens in perfect Divine timing for you!!
My primary intention for this introductory course is to reawaken the natural self-healing ability that YOU have at your own fingertips – to inform, educate and inspire in YOU the awakening of your own healers journey and path of Self Discovery into womanhood! To walk your walk and talk your talk with greater ease and stability and to embrace and embody your divine feminine right to enjoy all aspects of what it means to you to be an inspiring, empowered woman so you too can ignite your spark of creativity and shine your light brightly out into the world!

To support you in reconnecting with your own inner guidance system, your own feminine wisdom so that you feel empowered to take control of your life in present time and evolve into living a life worthy of your heart desires.

The Sexual Wellness Warrior
“Yoni Awakening journey”
Can you imagine how would it feel to…
Reclaim your innate feminine wisdom and power through this ancient, beautiful Art of Self-healing and Feminine empowerment. The Yoni Egg Practice ignites your divine sexual power and opens your heart through the process of:
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Self Healing
  • Self Love
  • Self Pleasure

And Ultimately Self Empowerment!

Here are some of the amazing transformational benefits of the Yoni Egg Self Connection Practice:
  • Helps you feel more grounded, connected and in your body
  • Helps support womb healing and sexual trauma that may be stored in the body from previous experiences – childbirth, miscarraige, termination and sexual trauma
  • Strengthens and tones your pelvic floor muscles
  • May prevent and Improve urinary incontinence
  • Promotes better circulation and sensitivity
  • Improves lubrication and helps balance female hormones
  • Enhances sexual pleasure, orgasms, sensuality, sensitivity and embodiment.
Thats not all! Other potential benefits include…
  • Increasing your capacity for self love, acceptance, validation, appreciation, creativity, self confidence and abundance
  • Gives you the confidence to own your Yoni Power, embody this life force energy and create the life you know you truly desire and deserve
  • Helps release feelings of shame, guilt, anger and repression often embedded at a deep subconscious level and stored in the body from social conditioning, dis-empowering life experiences, ancestral baggage and old soul stories.
Want to feel more empowered in your life, own your walk, your talk and your journey in womanhood?

Outline Of The Course

Introduction to Yoni Awakening

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Module 1 – Practicalities

  • What is a Yoni Egg?
  • The Benefits – A transformational tool
  • Nephrite Jade Egg – properties and health benefits
  • Other Yoni Eggs Safe for internal Use
  • How to clean & care for your Yoni Egg physically and energetically
  • Demystifying the Yoni Egg practice – Do’s and Don’ts

Module 2 – Creating your Sacred Space

  • Creating your personal Yoni Alter – your Divine Feminine Sacred Space
  • Yoni Egg initiation ceremony. The power of your thoughts, intention setting and programming your Yoni Egg to suit your individual needs, healing requirements and to add more MAGIC to your practice!!!
  • Breast & Womb Meditative Massage – A guided meditative step by step practice of how to deeply connect and appreciate your breasts for WHO they truly are (yes, they too have a consciousness of their own AND are listening!) and healing right down to a cellular level. Physically your breasts are housed in the energy of your heart chakra, so a good relationship with your breasts increases your ability to open your heart and magnetise all of that good stuff your heart truly desires for you in life! The importance of regular breast massage to clear blockages, increase circulation, open your heart and enhance your physical and emotional well being! Connecting with your beautiful womb and ovaries for healing, releasing, nurturing and creating! (Video & Audio)

Module 3 – Yoni Egg Practice

  • Inner Smile Mediation – Gratitude for your physical body (audio)
  • Yoni Egg Kegel Exercises – Part 1 (video)
  • Yoni Egg Kegel Exercises – Part 2 (video)
  • Yoni Egg Kegel Exercises – Part 3 (video)
  • Resistance to using your Yoni Egg
  • Self-Healing & Self-Love: Womb & Heart Meditative Massage (audio)

Module 4 – Your unique Journey of Self Discovery on the path to Self Fulfilment ️

  • The Art of Journaling – Journaling is a wonderful way to connect you to your feelings ..
  • Yoni Awakening Printable Journal
  • Self-Pleasure and Empowerment
  • What is Self-Awareness?
  • The Art of Self-Forgiveness
  • The Art of Yoni Gazing
Learn to Increase your capacity for self love, acceptance, validation, appreciation, creativity, self confidence and abundance ..
Gift yourself the confidence to own your Yoni Power and create the life you know you truly desire and deserve
Release thoughts and feelings of shame, guilt, sadness, fear, regret, anger and repression often embedded at a subconscious level and stored in the body from social conditioning, disempowering life experiences, ancestral baggage and old soul stories
Give yourself permission to feel more embodied and authentic in your feminine yoni power. Feel comfortable in talking your talk and walking your walk with confidence, joy, ease and grace!!!
Module 4 is supported by affirmations and questions to encourage release and flow! A creative journaling workbook designed to help you channel your innermost thoughts and feelings in a safe, protective environment, to encourage healing, surrender and letting go of what no longer serves your highest potential!

Our Clients  Say!

I was called to sign up to Siobhan’s Yoni Awakening course as I heard to share the amazing wisdom on the yoni and how important it is for us women to claim our power in this area. Having worked through the program I feel it should be a must for everyone. This course has helped me know my power on a deeper level as a woman. It’s easy to follow and the healings are very powerful. Siobhan is authentic, loving, encouraging and intuitive. Such a blessing to have found you Siobhan. This course is the pathway to liberation and pleasure for ALL Women.

Marcia O’Reagan

Divinely Prosper

Siobhan is a gifted, generous, and powerful healer. In our 1:1 session, she helped me clear out the energies in my womb and cervix from not only a past relationship, but also for my entire maternal ancestral lineage. My mother, who lives thousands of miles away from me, validated that she also felt and received this remote healing that was done in our session. Siobhan also provided deep insights, wisdom, and guidance for me and my soul path. I was divinely guided to connect with Siobhan and am so grateful that I did. I look forward to continuing her Yoni Awakening online course and deepening my relationship to my own yoni’s sacred wisdom. –

Elizabeth Gutierrez, MD

Multidimensional Psychiatry for Mind, Body & Soul


Bonus Content 1 – Embodying the Lover Goddess

  • Introduction to the Sacred Lover Goddess – Movement and Meditation
  • Preparing Your Space for Connection and Embodiment of the Sacred Lover Goddess – Part 1 (video)
  • Connecting and Embodying the Sacred Lover Goddess – Part 2 (video 1) Mary Magdelene & Paravati
  • Embracing and Embodying the Sacred Lover Goddess – Part 2 (video 2)
  • What is the Lover Goddess Archetype?
  • Masculine & Feminine Energies -Shadow and Light

Bonus Content 2 – The Inner Child

  • Inner Child Meditation – Awakening, connecting to and Reclaiming your Child within (audio)
  • Awakening and connecting your own powerful inner wise adult within to heal, nurture, accept, validate and transform any disempowering experiences you may have had as a child, protecting your inner child within as you journey forward in adulthood. Become your own healer of your experiences!

Bonus Content 3 – Masterclasses

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS 1 – Essential Oils to support your sexual health, feminine empowerment, embodiment and emotional well-being. A perfect combination to use with your yoni egg and breast massage practice to feel more grounded, connected, sensual, confident, empowered and Alive!!! Plus some Juicy tips on essential scents to spice up your sex/love life. Beautifully compliments the essence of this ‘Yoni Awakening Journey’! – with Dagmar Mala.
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS 2 Healing the effects of termination and baby loss. This is an area rarely touched on in healing circles and one that is so important for women today and for future generations to come. Debra talks about her personal experience and her new book and guides us through a beautiful healing meditation – with Debra Kilby.
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS 3 The Divine significance of our wombs in manifesting and living a divinely prosperous life. Marcia guides us through an empowering meditation at the end to heal and anchor in our divine right to thrive! – with Marcia O’ Regan.

Congratulations!!! – You have completed your course

Grounding Techniques
With Love and Gratitude


A short conversation with the lovely Aisling O’Leary about her own experience since joining Yoni Awakening… Aisling is a QTT practitioner and a busy working mom who runs her own beauty salon in Kerry.

Absolutely loved chatting with this fabulous lady Rebecca Atkinson, about how she is benefitting from the course so far… Rebecca is a homeopath, coach, mum of two, and fellow QTT practitioner.

A conversation with yet another amazing lady, Hazel Basnet O’Doherty about her own issues with fertility. How these tools helped release long held trauma from her body and energy as she makes space for a new baby.

Chatting with my friend and colleague, the mazing Mag Cross, about her self-discovery journey so far… Mag is an energy healer, fellow QTT practitioner and mom of two. She’s also passionate about women’s health, empowerment and all things esoteric!

VIP Package!

I’m so excited to offer women a chance to work with me personally on a deeper level as part of my “Yoni Awakening Package”!
In the VIP Package you will receive:
  • My “Yoni Awakening Self-Development Course”
  • Six one-to-one Intuitive Healing, Coaching and Facilitation Sessions with me!

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